Free behavioral based interview tips

"A behavioral based interview is only
moderately successful unless you do this.


Hiring someone without doing an effective behavioral based interview is like expecting a high school team to win the Super Bowl.

If you want to hire superior performers, you must have a proven process that guarantees success without your having to rely on gut instinct alone.

And your behavioral based interview questions must relate to the position you're trying to fill and only to that position for EEOC compliance.

Would you like to discover how to conduct a successful behavioral based interview and get the right people on your bus?

Our FREE behavioral based interview newsletters are filled with tips on how to conduct behavioral interviewing the right way - the way that guarantees you will hire top talent. These tips will help you:

  • Know you're asking the right behavior interview questions

  • Know if a candidate's answers to behavior interview questions are accurate and honest

  • Remove the "mask" from applicants who are telling you what they think you want to hear whether it's true or not

  • Improve your hiring procedures by at least 45% (based on research)

  • Build a high performance team

  • Develop leaders in your company

  • reduce your employee turnover rate

  • Increase employee job satisfaction and employee retention

  • improve profitability significantly by reducing your cost of hiring

  • Hire superior performers

"Because of your services, we have made better decisions, managed our new employees better, and helped save our company a lot of money."
                                         Jere Davis, VP
                 Finance and Administration
                     Del-Tec Packaging, Inc.

"I would recommend Annette and the process she facilitates to anyone looking to identify specific talents in prospective employees.”
                      Frank Garrett, CRSP
    Health, Safety & Environmental Mgr.
                   GLBH Corporate Services
                                    Calgary, AB

"Thank you for introducing us to TTI's DISC assessments. They are the best predictor of performance we have ever used."
Larry Bonorato
                              General Manager
                          Saturn of Savannah

“Brains on Fire has used your Management-Staff survey for many, many years during the recruitment process.  It helps us to understand the candidate's strengths and frankly gives us a way to dig deep and ask more relevant questions."
                                        Robbin Phillips
                       Brains on Fire Advertising

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